S. No Paper Title Paper ID Download
01. Improved of K-Nearest Neighbor Techniques in Credit Scoring Mr.Ram Babu, Mr.A.Rama Satish IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/01
02. An Improvised Technique for Record Deduplication Manasa Veena Dokku,A.Srinivasa Reddy IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/02
03. Ontology Based Webpage Understanding for Information Extraction A.Medhini, Asst Prof. N.Ashok IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/03
04. Reducing Voluminous Association Rules using OntologiesChevuru Madhu Babu IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/04
05. Application of Digital Image Processing and Analysis in Healthcare Based on Medical PalmistryMr.D.Thirumal Reddy,Mr.P.Balaramudu IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/13
06. Balancing The Network OverLoad For The LifetimeMr. P.Rahul Reddy,Mr. G.Anil Reddy IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/016
07. Classification & Texture Analysis with the Simple Linear Regression Model Based on the Wavelet TransformMr.Ashish.A.Mulajkar, Mr. SMKM Abbas Ahmed IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/021
08 Embedded System for Smart Vineyard AgricultureMrs. V.Swetha, Mr. V Prasanna Kumar IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/015
9. Developing RFID Applications and Masses with Simulation Using Software Defined RadioMr. H.A.Shinde, Mrs. S.S.Gundal IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/025
10. Security in Multi CloudsVasa Alekya,S.P Glory IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/033
11. Evolution of BarcodeJanaswamy Phaniteja, P Derin J Tom IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/023
12. Data Integrity Proofs in Cloud StorageY.V.Bhaskar Reddy,R.Vijaya,P.Ramadevi IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/027
13. An Efficient Chuck based Technique to Minimize the File Download Time in P2P NetworkK.Sai Vikas,M.Kiran Kumar,Kartheek IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/032
14. Secure and Efficient data collection technique in Wireless Sensor NetworksB.Anurag,K.Bhargav,B.N Kartheek IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/034
15. Radial Basis Function Driven Intrusion Detection SystemsMounica N.K, CH. Venkata Phani Krishna IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/035
16. Sybil Attack Encounter Mechanism for Privacy Sensible VANETSKalapala RuthMary Poornima,Chinta Naga Manisha IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/036
17. An Efficient Tree based Topology for Data Collection and Aggregation in Wireless Sensor NetworkG Nandini, A.Likhitha, B.N Kartheek IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/37
18. Improving Data Excellence Reliability and Precision of Functional DependencyTiwari Pushpa1, K. Dhanasree, Dr.R.V.Krishnaiah IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/038
19. Optimal Control Distribution in Multi-Relay MIMO Support NetworksK.Swathi, Dr.R.V.Krishnaiah IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/039
20. Self-Determining Directed Acyclic Graphs for Flexible Multipath RoutingSrinivas.Vaida, N. Raghava Rao, Dr.R.V.Krishnaiah IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/040
21. Efficient Cut Vertex Detection Technique in Wireless sensor NetworkV. Sunil,Kasi RamaKrishna Reddy IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/042
22. Multi-Authority Using ABE to Control Cloud Data Access of User Multi-AuthorityD.Srinivas,P.B.V.N.Prasad IJDCST/01/V-1/I-2/044