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01. Query Processing for Personal Management Systems Based On Multidimensional Search Sri Redya Jadav M.Tech (Ph.D), C.H.Veena (PH.D), Prabhakara Rao Thota IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/015
02. Optimized Metamorphic Relations for an automated SDLC Chillakanti Rambabu,Mr M.R.Raja Ramesh IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/022
03. Data Security for Cloud Masses Based on Data Integrity Aluri Srinivas Rao, K. Rama Krishnaiah IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/024
04. A Data Integrity Proofs in Cloud Storage with High PerformanceK.Sai Gowtham,S.Suresh Babu IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/01
05. Enhanced Security Mechanisms in MPI as ES-MPICH2D.Gangadhar Rao, Balusa Anil Kumar IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/02
06. A New Approach for Extremely Decentralized Data Accountability for Data Sharing in CloudB.Lakshmi Tirapatamma,Y.Sankararao IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/03
07. A Novel Approach for Quality of Video Streaming in Multimedia Wireless Sensor NetworksSiva Naga Lakshmi Srihari Yenduri,Abdul Vahed IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/04
08 Classification Methods for Detecting Jamming AttacksSuresh Bandi,Vakkalanka Venkata Syam IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/031
9. Prevention of Code Injection Attacks Based on Shell InjectionG.Anil Babu,V.Srinivas IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/032
10. Continuous Aggregation Queries Based on Procedures of Adaptive Query PlanningY.Leelakrishna,S.L.V.V.D Sarma,J.Nagaraju,E.Ramakrishna IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/034
11. Automatic User Histories Using Top-K ResultsPodugu Anil Kumar,V.Srinivas IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/037
12. Hybrid Load Balancers for an Effective Multipath Switching SystemM.Bharathi Rani,S.Suresh Babu IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/058
13. Professionally Providing Security in Wireless Sensor NetworksRamesh Kammindi,G.Padmarao IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/10
14. Scalable & Reliable Proofs in Multi Cloud Storage SystemR Sravanthi K, G.Padmarao IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/011
15. Different View Points Measuring the Similarities in Web Based DocumentsD.Swarupa Lakshmi, K.Govardhana Babu IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/022
16. An Efficient Detection of Disconnected Links in Wireless Sensor NetworkM.Rajalakshmi, G.Balaraju IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/024
17. Recovery From Link And Node Failures In Multipath Routing Using IDAGP.Hima Bindu, B.Sri Hari IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/040
18. Hybrid Steganography Using Multimedia(Image, Audio, Video) Concepts Based on Invariant Substitution TechniquesM.Vara Lakshmi, Sundaradasu Suresh IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/061
19. Authentication Features Based on Sound SignaturesMedisetty baby Anusha,P.Radha Krishna IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/062
20. Top K Fuzzy Search Results over XML DataCh.Lavanya Susanna,Dr.D.Rajeshwara Rao,PHD IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/018
21. Hybrid Machine Learning Implementations for Classifying Cure-Ailments ResultsB.Srujana, Dr. M.R Narsinga Rao,PHD IJDCST/01/V-1/I-4/014