S. No Paper Title Paper ID Download
01. Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Green Computing Environment G.Swetha,Sarat Chandra IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/03
02. Security based on Encryption by using Cloud Computing K.Vani,Ravi Mathey IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/02
03. Android Application for Providing security against Password Stealing and password Reuse Attacks Sameena Siddiqua,MS.K.Srilakshmi IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/01
04. Poisson to Normal Approximation through Diagrammatic approachNunna Srinivasa Rao IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/10
05. Nuclear Implementation for Cloud TV Services Using Elastic ModelRajsekhar Madala,Raghuveer Penumacha IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/20
06. Dynamic Query Relevance Data Using Pattern EvaluationD.Tulasiram Kumar,J.Praveena IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/11
07. Dynamic Data Extraction from Deep Web Extraction ProcessM.Narasimha Rao,P.V.Anusha IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/12
08 Dynamic Authentication for Users in Distributed NetworksBhimavarapu.Suneel Kumar,A.Sudarsan Reddy IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/13
9. Dynamic Performance Routing Specification in Network Coding RouterD.Kiran,M.Arundhathi IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/14
10. Efficient Firewall Detection Procedure in Distributed NetworksSuddapalli Subbarao,Barige Rajesh IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/15
11. Dynamic Data Authentication over Online Social Networks Using Genetic Programming ApproachBoggul Lakshmi,Dr.M.Suresh IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/28
12. To Evaluate Performances of HUI-Miner AlgorithmV.V.S.N.S.A.D.Bhavani,Mr.B.Venkateswarlu IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/25
13. A Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection for High Dimensional Data using Advanced Chameleon AlgorithmKiran Kumar Jakka,K.Shirin Bhanu,G.Loshma IJDCST/01/V-2/I-6/26