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01. Slicing Micro data Publishing’s using Zealous Algorithm Poola Durga Bhavani,A.Sudarshan Reddy IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/01
02. Dynamic Image Search Using CBIR Processes Tejaswi Dhanekula,P R Krishna Prasad IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/02
03. Multipath routing protocols since Wireless Ad Hoc to Mesh Networks a review Kusuma Boyapati,K.Suresh Kumar IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/03
04. Annotation of data for the Web Databases search resultsP.Sudheer Kumar,Balvindersingh Bondili IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/04
05. Privacy Preserving Public Auditing for Data in Cloud StorageM.Raja Sekhar,Rehana Begum IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/05
06. Location Proof Updating System with Collusion ResistancePatan Sathar Khan,Shaik Khamarjahan IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/06
07. Privacy preserving Cloud assisted Mobile Health Monitoring ServicesPolavarapu.Sridevi,Guntapalli Minni IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/07
08 Innovative Security measures Employing Cryptography as well as LSB Coordinating SteganographyCH.Subba Rao,G.J.Suuny Deol IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/08
9. Level of privacy preserving in addition to Public Auditing Support for Information Storage employing RSA inside Cloud ProcessingA.Siva Sankar,G.J.Suuny Deol IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/09
10. Energetic Resource Allocation Using Virtual Products for Cloud Computing EnvironmentP.Subhani,V.Kesav Rao IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/10
11. Collaborating conclusive Data control pertaining to Ethics Proof using RSA within Multi-Cloud Storage devicesL.Kalpana,MD.Sirajuddin IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/11
12. Supporting Service Owner-Controlled Placement Directives Using Cloud ServicesMs.K.Subhasri,Mr.D.Hari Krishna IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/15
13. Systematic Analysis for Cloud MigrationMs.Shaik.Salma Asiya Begum,Mr. P.Radha Krishna IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/16
14. Commitment Processing Applications Development in Operating SystemKanduru Nischel,Krishna Kanth Tammana,Kurapati Yuva Pavan IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/18
15. Dynamic Security Applications for Detecting DDOS AttacksSubhani Sayyed,Smt.SK.M.Almas IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/22
16. Dynamic Security Operations in Online Social Networks Using GPPrabhu Kiran.N,Prasad IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/23
17. Cloud Supported Enhanced Secure Remote Health MonitoringNakkala Ajay Babu,S.Rama Krishna IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/24
18. Incorporation of Meta Cloud in CSPs to Solve Vendor Lock-In ProblemsShaik Ismail Jabeebulla,S.Rama Krishna IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/25
19. Sophisticated Mobile-Healthcare Emergency Based On Opportunistic Computing Framework Incorporating Secure and Privacy Preserving MechanismPotteti Sandhya Rani,S.Rama Krishna IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/26
20. Vampire Attacks: Improvised Mechanism For Controlling Strenuous Life From Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor NetworksPrabhu Kiran.N,Prasad IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/27
21. Improvised Protection in Secure Cloud Storage Using Public Appraisal MechanismSudheer Mundra,G.Prasuna IJDCST/01/V-2/I-8/28