S. No Paper Title Paper ID Download
01. A Trusted Framework on Energy Efficient Routing protocol in unsecured WSN SaidaRao Kolli,Mangamma Dharavatu IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/02
02. An improved PDR (Packet Delivery Ratio) Defined Routing Protocol in low-power and lossy networks Gurram Srinivasarao,Mangamma Dharavatu IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/03
03. Assisting Document Annotation based on Content and Querying Value Pasupuleti Maneesha,Sayeed Yasin IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/04
04. An Optimization model for Sharing Visual Secrets in Single Image Saikumar Yerramsetti,S.V.C.Gupta IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/05
05. Mobile-Access of Health Data supported by Cloud with Attribute-based Encryption and Auditability Surekha Lathen Leburi,Trivikram Rao IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/06
06. Assuring Integrity of Scalable Distributed Services for Software-as-a-Service Clouds Vijay Chand Medapati,Trivikram Rao IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/07
07. Efficient data Embedding by using jpeg Steganography A.E.Bagirathnath Varma,M.Swapna IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/08
08. Efficient Web page recommendation Mining Process for Content and Semantic approaches P.Sandeep Kumar,Veena Trivedi IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/10
09. Delaunay Overlays for P2P Streaming Services K.Naga Rajeswari,J.Venkat krishna IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/12
10. Content and Querying Value for New Document Annotation Alibasha Shaik,Md Imran IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/14
11. A Mobile Application on Voice and Message Sending Services Using Wireless Networks V.Anusha,J.Ratna kumar IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/16
12. Supporting Weak Image Annotations for Similar Facial Image Retrievals G.Naga Mani,M.Pravarsha,Dr.V.Anandam IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/17
13. A Study on Trustee-Based Backup Authentication Model in Social Networks Shaik Nazia,G.Minni,Sayeed Yasin IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/18
14. A Novel Approach to Control Multiparty Access for Online Social Networks Kota Anasuya Priyamvada,Sayeed Yaseen IJDCST/01/V-3/I-8/19