S. No Paper Title Paper ID Download
1. Preserving Photo Privacy and Photo Sharing On Social Networking Sites (SNSs) T.Narasimhappadu IJDCST/05/V-5/I-5/02
2. Raspberry Pi3 Based Wireless Controlled Robot in Disaster Zones for the Detection of Human Presence S.Bharath,M.Srinivasa Rao,Dr.D.Nagendra Rao IJDCST/05/V-5/I-5/15
3. Digital Video Invisible Watermarking Technology Using SVD for Copy Right Protection Sekhar.Kati,M.V.Narasimha Reddy IJDCST/05/V-5/I-5/17
4. Detection and Classification of Brain Tumor Images Using Neural Network in MRI Images Kajjayam Naga Mounika,P.Sreenivasulu IJDCST/05/V-5/I-5/18
5. Raspberry Pi based Interactive Home Automation System through IOT T.Prasheesh,G.Sreenivasa Rao IJDCST/05/V-5/I-5/19
6. Asymmetrical Cascade Multilevel Inverter for Higher Output Voltage Levels Sanjay Gunja,P.Varaprasad Reddy IJDCST/05/V-5/I-5/20
7. Secure Auditing in Cloud using Attribute Based Encryption Pathan Irfan Khan,Mr.M.Vijay Kumar,Mr.K.Gopal Reddy IJDCST/05/V-5/I-5/27
8. Security Evaluation of Pattern Classifiers under Attack P.Gnana Pavani,K.Venkatesh,V.Rajesh IJDCST/05/V-5/I-5/39
9. Truthful Detection of Packet Dropping Attacks by Privacy-Preserving Madhavilatha Veerapaneni,Dr A.Sudhir,S.Phani Praveen IJDCST/05/V-5/I-5/40
10. Robust Partial Feedback Literalizing Stabilization Scheme for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Makam.Priyanka,P.Varun Kumar IJDCST/05/V-5/I-5/41