S. No Paper Title Paper ID Download
1. DiploCloud: Effective and Adaptable Administration of the Information Fold In the Cloud M.Bhargavi,S.Suvarna IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/02
2. Dynamic and Public Open Examination with Reasonable Mediation for Cloud Information A.Swathi,G.Shameshwari IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/03
03. Double Encryption Server Is an Open Key with the Word Search for Distributed Storage Security Ms.B.Mamatha,V.Sravan Kiran IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/04
04. Top without Keyword included Query Processor B.Swathi,S.Suvarna IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/05
05. SECRAB: Secure Information in Mists B.Divya,S.Suvarna IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/06
06. Internet Harassing Location In View of Reinforced Good Minimization of Denoyzing Auto-Encoder M.Rose Mary,A.Hima Bindu IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/07
07. Empower Distributed Storage Evaluating With Approval Outsourcing Real Updates Mrs.V.Neeraja,V.Sravan Kiran IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/08
08. Secure Internet Services with Continuous User Identity Verification for Using Biometrics Raja Sirigiri,P.V Hari Prasad IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/10
09. Anonymous ABE: Enhanced efficient user Revocation Mechanism Trumani Durga Hemanth Kumar,Praneetha Surapaneni,Swathi Voddi IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/11
10. File Sharing System in P2P with Access Availability for Social Networks using Node Storage and Meeting Frequency Sundeep Uppaleti,INB.Jyotsna,Swathi Voddi IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/12
11. Finding the Venomous Applications in Social Media Ms.Varsha Manikrao Khadke,Gosu Joel Sunny IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/31
12. Enhanced Security and Multi Search in Cloud Computing G.Yesu Mariamma,S.Suresh Babu IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/33
13. A Novel High Performance Sense Amplifier Based Low Power SRAM Memory Cell Vishani P Sheth,DR.Towheed Sultana IJDCST/05/V-5/I-8/35