S. No Paper Title Paper ID Download
1. Hybrid Cryptography with Verifiable Delegation in Cloud Computing On Circuit Cipher text-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption SK Basheer Ahamed,V.Padmaja,Dr.G.Minni IJDCST/05/V-6/I-1/01
2. Portable Camera Based Assistive Text and Product Label Reading from Handheld Objects for Blind People M.Krushnaveni,Mrs.M.Sunitha Rani IJDCST/05/V-6/I-1/03
3. A Novel Approach for Improve Routing Accumulative in Multi-Hop Networks Komatigunta Naga Raju,CH.Nagaraju,MD.Imran IJDCST/05/V-6/I-1/06
4. Improving the Load Adjusting Mechanism by Reducing Congestion with Multi Node Routing in MANETS Tummapudi. Sri lakshmi,B.Bhanu Prathap Reddy IJDCST/05/V-6/I-1/08
5. The Impact of Voltage-Balancing Control on Switching Frequency of the Modular Multilevel Converter Charulopalli Naresh,Shaik Shareef,Md.Firoz Ali IJDCST/05/V-6/I-1/10
6. Literature Analysis and Survey about State of the Art Privacy and Security Issues of BigData P.Nagaprasannalakshmi,R.Ashok IJDCST/05/V-6/I-1/12
7. Social Network Data based Personalized Recommendation System for Mobile Users V.Sowmya,Md.Shakeel Ahamad IJDCST/05/V-6/I-1/14
8. Filtering Undesired Messages in Online Social Networking Sites Using Content Based Filtering Dr.Md Ali Hussain,Dr.Mohammad Rasool IJDCST/05/V-6/I-1/17
9. SWEET: Serving the Web by Exploiting Email Tunnels MD.Yasmin,Y.Karuna Manjusha,MD.Imran IJDCST/05/V-6/I-1/18
10. Review on Political using Social Media Dr.K.B.S Sastry,S.A.B Nehru IJDCST/05/V-6/I-1/20